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Add Attendees Individually

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Updated: November 18, 2020

Add Attendees Individually

Follow these instructions for adding one or a few attendees manually. If you’d like to bulk upload many attendees, head to the article Assign Staff, Badge, and Role in Bulk.

1. Navigate to Administer > Attendees > Add

2. Search for the attendee’s email address if it is likely this attendee has visited an Engagez event before. If found, all information connected to the account will populate in your conference.

3. If you believe the attendee has not previously attended an event on the Engagez platform, click Register New Attendee from the image above and you’ll be directed to a condensed registration form. The attendee’s first name, last name, and email address are required, and we also recommend adding a password if the event entrance has a password enabled.

4. Click Create and you’ll see a notification that your attendee has been successfully added.

5. Head back to the Attendees page and scroll to the bottom (or the last page, if you’ve added more than one page of attendees). You should see the new attendee populate here. 

Note: Remember, attendees can change their information once they enter the venue in the top right corner under Profile / Account, so don’t worry about adding all their information immediately.

Still have questions? Visit the Engagez Support venue or email us at If you’ve purchased an implementation package, please contact your implementation representative through Skype or email.