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Follow this step-by-step guide to learn more about Engagez’s new ASK AI features and how to use them.

What is ASK AI?

ASK AI shows as a sidebar overlay on the right side of the venue that can be opened and closed by the user.
It opens with a greeting to the user, and clickable prompts can be configured as examples of questions the user can ask.
The user can type their questions into the chat box and send them to ASK AI which will then answer their question based on the custom data sources it has been trained on.

The user can create new chats with ASK AI by clicking on the pencil icon in the top right-hand corner.
They can also access previous chats by selecting from the Chat History drop-down.

What are ASK AI Suggestions?

ASK AI Suggestions can suggest venue Resources, Sessions, Halls, and other Attendees to the user based on topics they have previously shown interest in inside the venue.

ask ai suggestions

How do I configure ASK AI?

Access your AI Settings in Admin > Configure > AI Settings
*If you do not have access to this setting yet, please reach out to Engagez Customer Support.

configure AI

AI Settings – General

Visibility: configure who can see ASK AI – either All users in the venue, or Restrict access to venue admin, staff, and certain attendees based on selected Access Groups.
Name: Name your AI.
Greeting: Configure the AI’s greeting message to the user.
Tone & Personality: Select the tone for your AI (Professional, Friendly, Casual, Neutral).
Disclaimer: This disclaimer will be shown to the user about the AI Chat as a pop-up in the ASK AI sidebar if the user clicks the underlined Disclaimer button.

Be sure to Save your selected settings.

ai settings

AI Settings – Suggestions

Enable Suggestions: select whether to show the Suggestions tab to the user in ASK AI
Number of Suggestions: select how many suggestions to show to the user – can be the Total number shown or the number per type of Section
Sections: decide which venue locations the suggested materials can come from

Be sure to Save your selected settings.

ai settings suggestions

AI Settings – Data Source

Train your AI based on specific data sources related to your company, event, software, etc. Multiple types of data sources can be interpreted by the AI to give tailored answers in ASK AI. 

To add a data source select + Add Source

  • PDF file(s): Drag and drop one or more PDF files or select them from the Media Library. Optionally rename the files, add a link to a webpage that contains the PDF, and add any additional information. 
  • URL(s): Manually input one or more URLs per line in the text box, or upload a CSV file containing one URL per line. Optionally add a name for the link(s). Links must be to a webpage, and cannot be a URL to a PDF, video, or other media. 
  • Sitemap: Input a sitemap URL and optionally add a name for the source, then select with checkboxes which pages to add as data sources. 
  • Resource: Select by checkboxes any Resources already uploaded to the venue. Select all, search by name, or filter by resource type. Optionally add a name for the source(s). 

Session: Select by checkboxes Sessions in the venue listed by name. The AI will process the Session name, description, and any speakers listed. If a session has a transcript the transcript can also be selected as a data source.

Ai settings data source

AI Settings – Data Source

Once data sources have been added, they will show in a list as processing marked by the circular arrows. Once they have finished processing a check-mark will show beside the data sources and also list how many data sources were processed in that set. Once they are processed and Saved, the ASK AI will immediately be able to access those data sources to answer questions. 

Be sure to select Save

ai data source  engagez

AI Settings –  Prompts

Add Prompts to show attendees the first time they open ASK AI as examples of types of questions to ask or questions that may be helpful to them. Add Prompts by selecting + Add New Prompt or delete them with the trash can icon

Be sure to Save your selected settings.

ai settings prompts

AI Settings –  View Chats

In View Chats admins can see transcripts for all chats that have occurred within ASK AI in the venue. For each chat, it provides a Title, Summary, list of Topics, AI Helpfulness rating, list of Keywords, list of Intent Signals from the conversation with the user, and a Concierge Score that rates how interested the user is in the product or company. You can Search by attendee name, sort by Date Range, and sort by Status (Normal, Deleted).

ai settings view chats

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