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Attendee Group Meeting Guide

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Attendee Group Meeting Guide

Follow this step-by-step guide to learn more about group meeting features and how to use them.

  1. Go to Sessions and click on the group meeting you want to attend. If it is live, there will be a button labeled Click to Attend.
1. Sessions Tab
2. Click to Attend Group Meeting

2. Next, you will be brought into the Group Meeting. In the upper right corner are the features of the group meeting, each having it’s own icon.

3. Group Meeting Row of Icons

3. The first icon is the Raise Hand button. Click on this to indicate to the speaker or moderator that you have a question or comment.

4. Group meeting Raise Hand

4. The next icon is the Camera button, where you can turn on and off any cameras connected to the computer you are using. The down arrow next to the icon brings up a drop down list with any camera options. The first time you use a group meeting, your browser will ask if you want to allow Engagez to use your camera; click allow.

5. Group Meeting Camera Icon
6. Browser Camera Access
7. Example of Group Meeting Camera on

5. Next is the Microphone icon, which lets you turn on and mute and input devices you have connected, like microphones or headsets. The drop down arrow will bring up a list of any audio input devices available for use. The first time you use the group meeting, your browser will ask if you want to allow Engagez to use your microphone: click allow.

8. Group Meeting Microphone icon
9. Browser Microphone Access

6. Next is the Share Screen button. Click on this to bring up a menu where you can pick which screen or application to share with others in the group meeting.

10. Group Meeting Screen Share Icon
11. Group Meeting Screen Share menu

7. The next icon is the Meeting View button. Click on this to select from three different viewing options for meetings. Play around and see which one works for you.

12. Group Meeting View options

8. Next is the Fullscreen icon, which allows you to change from minimized to full screen.

13. Group Meeting Fullscreen icon

9. The next icon is the Settings button, which as a Member allows you to invite others on the platform to the group meeting.

14. Group Meeting Setting Icon

10. The final icon is the Exit button, which allows you to leave the group meeting at any time.

15. Group Meeting Leave icon

11. Under the row of icon features is the Interaction Panel. This can be edited from one group meeting to another, but generally has different ways of interaction for the attendees including Q&A, information, bios, a list of participants, and more.

16. Group Meeting Interaction Panel

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