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Badges are visual icons within a venue that distinguish certain profiles as being a member of a specific access group. Follow along these step-by-step instructions to learn how to set up Badges in your venue.

  1. Go to Attendees>Manage Access Groups. Add any Access Groups you wish to have as Badges by typing in the name and clicking Add, then click Save once you have entered all access groups.

Tip: To learn more about Access Groups and how to use them in a venue, feel free to read this article in our Knowledge Base.

1. Attendees manage access groups
2. Manage Access Groups Menu

2. Click on Manage Badges to open the Manage Badges menu. You can now decide which Access Groups show up as Badges by clicking Show as Badge. You also have the ability to edit the visual elements of the badges. Once you are done editing, click Save.

4. Attendees Manage Badges
3. Manage Badges Menu

Badges are are now set up for all profiles of the access groups you have chosen. You can see in areas like the Social Lounge.

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