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Exhibitor Preview

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Exhibitor Preview

Follow along for a step-by-step guide on how to give your exhibitors a preview to their booths before the start of the event.

  1. Exhibitors need to be marked as contributor or admin in their booth to access before the venue open date.

Warning: Make sure the exhibitors are marked as contributor or admin in their booth and not on the venue.

1. Roles in Attendee Tab

2. Create an Access Group for Exhibitors, feel free to name the group with your preferred word choice This is going to make it easier to send an email to all exhibitors and create a badge for exhibitors if needed.

Note: To create an access group go to Attendees > Manage Access Groups > Add or check out our How to Use Access Groups article

2. Manage Access Groups
3 Adding an Access Group

3. Add your exhibitors to your Exhibitor access group manually or through import

4 Assigning Access Group in Attendees

4. Time to send your exhibitors an email to preview. Go to Emails and use a Venue Reminder to draft your email with sign-in information as well as a link to the venue.

5 Venue Reminder Emails in Emails Tab

5. In the email edit menu, next to To, select Access Groups and the group you created to send the email exclusively to the exhibitors.

6 Choosing Access Groups in Emails

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