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How to Use Access Groups

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The Access Groups tool is an incredibly powerful way to limit pages, resources, sessions, and other content to only apply to a specific group. You can also designate these groups as message recipients and exclude them when applying gamification.

Create and Assign Access Groups

1. Navigate to Administer > Attendees and choose Manage Access Groups. Separate each Access Group name with a comma.

2. To assign access groups to all incoming registrants, turn the button to the right of that Access Group ON. To assign it to certain attendees already registered, add an email domain to assign and choose Actions > Apply Auto Assign Rules

3. You can assign these in bulk through an Attendee Import or individually on the Attendees page. Use the dropdown menu to add more.

Use Access Groups

Note: To make these features visible, you must create at least once Access Group.

  • Badges
    • Navigate to Administer > Attendees > Manage Badges. Choose to make visible badges for certain Access Groups. Any user in these groups will have one or more badges appear next to their name in the Social Lounge.
  • Locations
    • Navigate to UI Design > Menu > Configure Menu Items and choose one or more Access Groups on the right. This will limit the visibility of that page to only those attendees in those Access Groups.
  • Sessions 
    • Navigate to Administer > Sessions > Edit Session > Advanced and choose one or more Access Groups in the dropdown menu. This will limit the visibility of this session on the agenda(s) to only those in the Access Groups chosen.
  • Resources
    • Navigate to Administer > Resources > Edit and choose one or more Access Groups from the dropdown menu. This will limit the visibility of this resource on both the main Resources page as well as any sessions in which the resource has been added.
  • Messages
    • Navigate to Administer > Attendees > Send Message. In the “To:” area, click the dropdown and choose Select Attendees. Then in the By Entering Name dropdown, choose By Access Groups. A list will appear beneath the text box with suggested Access Groups.
This message will only send to the attendees in these Access Groups. To only send it to their Engagez Messages box (and not their emails), check the box labeled “Place message in target’s Inbox only (don’t send email).”
  • Gamification
    • Add a Social Lounge panel on any page by navigating to that page, then choosing [Page Name] Location > Add > Social Lounge. Ensure the Leadership Board is turned on by choosing UI Design > Social Lounge Panel > Configure Content. Click the check box on the Leadership Board and Submit.

Click back to the Administer tab and click the Leadership Board tab on the Social Lounge Panel. Navigate to the menu on the top right of the Social Lounge panel and choose Configure Game Rules.

Scroll to the bottom and choose Access Groups. Any users in this Access Group will be excluded from the Leadership Board.

Still have questions? Visit the Engagez Support venue or email us at If you’ve purchased an implementation package, please contact your implementation representative through Skype or email.