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Physical Badges & Certificates

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Certificate and Badge User Guide

What are Certificates and Badges?

Certificates are documents that can be generated to issue to your attendees for sessions completed (or any other type of activity or document). Badges are in a related area in the admin panel on Engagez and they can be used to generate badges for printing onsite. This feature also allows for QR code check in to the vent, sessions, exhibitor booths (lead capture) and any other activity at a physical event that you need to track people and provide access to locations, gamification, etc.   

Getting Started

To use the Certificates/Badges, first turn that feature on in the Features area in the admin panel.

badge inage inperson

Once that is turned on, a new area will show up in the MANAGE section of your admin panel.

badge inage inperson 2

When you click on the Certificates/Badges link you will go to a section that looks like this:

badge inage in person manage

Here you can create new badge or certificate items. Note that you can create multiple certificates but only one badge design per event so Create New Badge will not show up after you start issuing badges. When you Issue a badge or certificate, that means everyone who is qualified for that item will

have the document generated in the system and will be ready for printing. After you issue a badge, you will not see an option to Create New Badge.

badge inage inperson 4

A badge has already been Issued for the event above so there is no option to create a new badge although you may still edit the badge if you like.

badge inage inperson managing

Once a badge or certificate has been issued, you can then review the details behind that issuance, export a spreadsheet of all the data related to that item or print all items to a PDF for electronic distribution or, in the case of badges, select the printer of choice and print a physical badge.

badge image in person

Badge Printing and Scanning Onsite

Using Engagez Access Groups feature, you can designate who is onsite and who is virtual during registration or at any time you would like to change a person’s status. Although most people will be assigned at registration for local events, if somone shows up onsite and they registered for virtual, you can change their access group and badge them onsite.

Onsite, attendees can show their QR (from their email confirmation) and be checked in (scanned) either by the registration staff or self-service. Note you could also attach a pdf of their badge in an email and have them print their own and bring it skipping the registration line altogether (just scan to get their badge holder and whatever other items they get onsite).

If you like to print all badges in advance and have them ready for people, you can do that as well as print on-demand and make changes and issue new badges onsite.

Once they have their badge and they are checked in by function at the event (booth staff, speakers, etc. have special check in QR codes), roles will allow who is scanned into session, booths, etc. All reports will be available from the Engagez platform just like a fully virtual event. As an admin, you will have full access to all analytics for in-person and virtual attendees.