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Physical Event Check-In- Creating Badges

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Create attendee badges for your physical Engagez event

The Badges feature can be used to generate badges for printing onsite. This feature also allows for QR code check-in to the event, sessions, exhibitor booths (lead capture), and any other activity at a physical event that you need to track people and provide access to locations, gamification, etc. Follow along below for a step-by-step walkthrough of how to set up badges for your event.

1. Go to Configure and select the features option on your admin toolbar on the left.

Configure > Features

2. Scroll to the Hybrid and Physical Event Support section within the features area

Hybrid and Physical Event Support

3. Using the toggle next to the Badge and Check-in Support turn the feature on

Turn on Badges and Check-In Support

4. Make sure you click save to save the changes to your features.

Don’t forget to save!

5. Once you click save, the badges feature will appear in your Admin Panel under Manage. Select the Badges feature.

Manage > Badges

6. Once you select the Badges option, select design a badge.

Design your Badge

7. Fill in the name of your badge in the space for Badge Name and select a size for your badge.

Badge Name
Badge Size

8. Select the image button to insert your event logo or desired image on your badge. On the right click the select button to upload your desired badge image.

Badge Image

9. Upload your desired image into the media library and then insert the image into your design.

Media Library

10. Once your image is inserted into your design you are able to resize the image or place it where you would like on your badge.

Resize your desired image

11. Select the text button to insert text on your badge, then move your text box to your desired location on the badge.

Select Text

12. Once you select text, on the right-hand side you can customize the text for your badge. Be sure to use the variable input options available (ie: %first_name)

** Repeat this step until you have paced all the desired text for your badge.

Customize your badge text

13. To add a QR Code to your badge, select the Image button, and on the left select the Image Type drop-down box to change your image to QR Code.

Add a QR Code

14. Move your QR Code Image to your desired location on your badge and select create.

Create Badge

15. Your event badge will now appear in your manage badge area for you to utilize to create and easy check-in process.

Event Badge

Still have questions? Visit the Engagez Support venue or email us at If you’ve purchased an implementation package, please contact your implementation representative through Skype or email.