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Edit a Reminder Email

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Last Updated: November 22nd, 2020

Edit a Reminder Email

This tutorial will show you how to set and edit a reminder email for your event before the big day.

1. Click Emails under Configure.

2. Click the edit button for Venue Reminder Email, under Automatic Emails.

Note: You can create more than one venue reminder email, but the name of this box may change as a result. In the example above, the reminder email is renamed with a “1.”

3. Edit the venue reminder email body and make sure to add the following codes below somewhere in the email as you desire.

Important Codes:

Participant First Name: this provides the first name of the attendee (i.e. John).


Venue Name: this provides the name of your venue (i.e. Example Venue).


Venue Add to Calendar: this provides the add to calendar buttons.


Venue URL: this is the web address for your venue (in the example above, this is the link for “invite your colleagues”). 


Tip: You can use the “Registration Confirmation Email” format as a starting point. Here are the steps to get that code:
1) Click the edit button for “Registration Confirmation Email.”
2) Click “View” in the email textbox.
3) Click “Source code.”
4) Copy the source code and paste it into “Source code” for the Venue Reminder email.

4. Scroll down and click “Save,” then open up the Venue Reminder Email again.

Caution: Each time you make an edit to any email within Engagez, remember to click the save button to save changes before moving on to other steps. Otherwise, you may lose your work if there 

5. Click on Preview and send a test email to yourself.

Note: In the “Target” box above, you can type the names of currently registered attendees. Otherwise, use the second textbox and separate emails by a comma.

6. Review your preview email and note any necessary changes.

The highlighted areas are where the previous codes were. As you can see, the codes worked successfully! If there are any issues with your preview email, go back through these steps, and find any code errors. Otherwise, continue to step seven.

7. Open the Venue Reminder Email again and select the recipient(s) and schedule the time(s) for the email to be sent. Click “Save” when finished.

Tip: You can change the kind of attendees you want to send these reminder emails to as pictured above.

8. Click the Off button to On to finalize your changes for the email to be sent.

Caution: Confirm the scheduled date as shown in the picture above in case the date or time is not what you desire. In the example, the date and time correspond to the close date in our test venue.

Still have questions? Visit the Engagez Support venue or email us at If you’ve purchased an implementation package, please contact your implementation representative through Skype or email.