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Module 1: Essentials

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Updated: December 2, 2020

Module 1: Essentials

Welcome to Module 1: Essentials! This video and article are a part of the Engagez Fundamentals series to help you learn more about utilizing the platform to its fullest extent. Follow along with our virtual assistant, Katie, as she explains the Essentials page and its ability to change the dates, welcome messages, and logos of your venue.

1. Before we dive into the Essentials tab, let’s understand the differences between the Administer tab and the UI Design tab.

The Administer tab is where you can find all backend pages related to your venue. And most of these, except for the Entrance page, the attendees will not see. That means that this is where you can preload your sessions, upload your attendees, and even put in resources for your event.

The UI Design (User Interface Design) tab is where you can completely customize all the pages you see, and all the pages an attendee sees. You can add any type of panel that we offer. You can also add any image, video, or text box that you want. 

2. The Essentials page is where you will change most of the big details about your venue such as your venue logo, the name of your venue, and the venue open date.

3. Under Branding, you’ll see a preloaded “Your Logo” sign. You can change this by clicking Select, which will open up the Media Library, where you will be able to upload your logo to the venue. Below that, you can rename your venue in the text field next to Name:.

4. Further down the Essentials page, you will see a section called Key Dates. Here, you can choose the Venue Time Zone and give it a Custom Label. In this section, you can also input the Venue Open Date and the Venue Close Date. You may have to open the venue early for your Exhibitors.

5. Once you decide your venue open and close dates, you can set up the Early Sign In option. It can be however many minutes you choose, but it can also be 0 if you do not want users signing in early. After that option is the Venue Archive Date. This ensures that all your venue information will be saved after the conference is over. This will allow you to copy this venue in the future for use in creating other venues.

Warning: If you do not add a Venue Archive Date, your venue will not be saved after one year has passed since your conference has ended!

6. The Sign In Before Open Date Message tells users that they are not allowed in the venue yet because the venue is not open. This is a message that will go to all attendees, so customize your message in the text box and add any variables listed in gray below. You can also add images, links, and change the size/color of the text.

7. Lastly, we have the Access and Type section. There are three options listed for your venue.

Open Door means that the venue will be searchable through Google and other search engines. Additionally, it means that anyone can come into the venue at any time. Registration Required means attendees will have to register before entering the venue, also giving you the option to approve them right away or leave them pending review. The last option is Invitation Only. This option means that no one will be aware that the venue exists unless they have been specifically invited in the Attendees tab.

8. Once you are completely finished on the Essentials page, be sure to click Save in order to save all of the changes you just made.

Still have questions? Visit the Engagez Support venue or email us at If you’ve purchased an implementation package, please contact your implementation representative through Skype or email.