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Module 11: Forms

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Updated: December 5, 2020

Module 11: Forms

Welcome to Module 11 in our Engagez Fundamentals Series. Follow along with our virtual assistant, Katie, as she gives us a step-by-step walkthrough of using the Forms page in the Administer tab.

1. Open your venue. Under the Administer tab, choose Forms.

2. The Forms page is where you create any form you will use in your venue. Forms can be used at the end of Sessions as well as linked to any text or image panel. To create a form, click Create New Form

Here, you can choose between a number of templates, either something predefined, one of the forms already in the venue, or one of the forms you have created before. Then press Continue.

Next, give your form an Attendee-facing title and provide a description. Then add a confirmation message, or leave it blank to use the default provided. You can use the variables listed in grey at the bottom to easily add the venue name, the venue URL, and the first and last name of the user automatically. You can also turn on Captcha and specify an email recipient for all submission notifications. 

You can reorder the questions by dragging and dropping the grey crosses to the left of the questions. To delete the questions, click the red X. To copy the question, click the paper icon, and to edit the question, click the pencil icon.

3. To add more questions, click Add a Field. You can choose from two types of fields. Composite will pull information that already exists in the venue and in an Attendee’s profile such as their city, their state, and their industry.

Basic Type is best used for creating your own question. 

4. Let’s do an example of a Basic Type question. We are going to choose Select. In the Label text box, you will write your question, then in Options, you will list all the answers you would like to provide for that question. You can also provide Help Text that will appear next to the question when an Attendee hovers over the question mark. You can further customize the question by choosing whether you want it to be a multiple-choice option, a list box, or allow a type-in answer. You can also make the question Required.

Because we didn’t specify, the question only allows Attendees to click on one answer.

Once you are done customizing your form, click Submit

Note: By clicking Submit, whatever changes you make will be reflected in that form throughout the venue. 

5. Under the Actions section back on the main Forms page, you have a few options. You can Preview the form to see how it will look to Attendees without leaving your page, generate a Report of past responses, and get the Permalink, which will open the form in a new tab. This allows you to copy the URL to link the form to an image or text panel in your venue. You can also Edit and Delete the form from this page.

6. Under Report, you can view responses as a list of submissions or as a table. The table format will allow you to see the answer to each individual question.

The Analysis tab will give you a breakdown of the average answer for each question as well as how many people left it blank. If you choose Download, you can choose from a Delimited text file or a Microsoft Excel file. 

7. The Forms page is on the venue level, not the exhibitor level. If you want to create exhibitor-level forms, you can do so by creating the form directly in the booth. This will then pull the logo of the booth and place it in the upper left-hand corner of the form. 

Still have questions? Visit the Engagez Support venue or email us at If you’ve purchased an implementation package, please contact your implementation representative through Skype or email.