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Module 14: Media Library

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Updated: December 5, 2020

Module 14: Media Library

Welcome to Module 14 of our Engagez Fundamentals Series. Follow along with our virtual assistant, Katie, as she details the features of the Media Library under the Administer tab.

1. Open your venue and click Media Library under the Administer tab.

The Media library holds all your images, videos, audio, and documents that you’ll use throughout the venue.

Tip: If you’re an admin of multiple venues, you can use the Venue dropdown menu at the top and choose media stored in those other venues.

2. To use the default images provided by Engagez in your venue, click Shared Image Library from the top of the Venue list. You’ll see pre-set backgrounds for the lobby, entrance, session page, and exhibitor booths. Both 3D and 2D images are available, usually used for the Traditional and Contemporary templates, respectively.

3. Narrow your media list by using the search function at the top, or choosing a media type under Show

Tip: When adding content into an image panel or a video panel, the Show dropdown will automatically pull the content type to narrow your search.

Caution: We only support MP4 video files; Other common file types like MKV and MOV files must be converted before uploading, or they won’t fully process.

4. Upload images, videos, and other documents at your leisure. Please note, the larger the file, the longer it will take to upload and process. You must wait until a video is finished processing before adding it to a page in the venue.

You can see the file size of any media you upload by clicking the file and expanding the window to the right. Under Properties, you’ll see a Size description, which will tell you the visual size (length and width) as well as the file size in KB, MB, or GB.

Note: It is recommended to keep video files under 500MB to ensure all videos are uploaded and run as smoothly as possible. If you are uploading a video file for the location background, it is recommended to keep the file under 10MB.

The URL listed in the properties area can also be used to share content with other users, download the file, or embed it in another venue location. The Download link above the Properties title will also allow you to download the file.

5. When bringing a file into the venue, there are some areas, such as the Resources tab, which allow you to add multiple resources at a time. Choose multiple files and then click Insert to bring them into the venue.

6. If you have a video with someone speaking, you can add Closed Captioning under the Properties area. Choose the automatic captioning available or upload a TTML file with a wider variety of languages. 

Still have questions? Visit the Engagez Support venue or email us at If you’ve purchased an implementation package, please contact your implementation representative through Skype or email.