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Module 19: Menu

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Updated: December 6, 2020

Module 19: Menu

Welcome to Module 19 in our Engagez Fundamentals Series. Follow along with our virtual assistant, Katie, as she gives us a step-by-step walkthrough of using the UI Design tab with the menu bar.

1. Open your venue and click on the UI Design tab. Then locate the Menu.

2. The Menu Bar holds your logo as well as every page in your venue. To begin, we are going to examine the logo. Click on the logo and from the dropdown menu choose Edit Style.

This allows you to add your logo that will be used throughout your event and on any forms that you create. Using the URL text box, you can redirect users who click on the logo. 

The Site Icon will show up on the tab of your venue page. You can choose to import a simplified version of your logo here. 

Note: From the UI Design standpoint, it is often best to have the logo redirect to the home page or a similar lobby format.

3. Now let’s take a look at the Menu bar specifically. Click the dropdown menu next to the blue text box. From there, choose Edit Style

Here, you can change the position of the menu from the top, where it is currently located, to the left sidebar if you would like. You can also adjust the height, text font style, font size, and color. 

4. Next, from the Menu dropdown arrow, choose Configure Menu

This area allows you to choose which locations you would like to include in your menu. This is also where you can add the static pages that you created in the Static Pages option in the Administer tab.

Note: You can turn ON or OFF any of these pages; however, any page you turn OFF will cause not only the Attendees to lose access but also the Admins. This is entirely reversible. 

If you only want the Admins to see a page, you can create an Access Group without any attendees. Then assign that Access Group to a location. This will enable it so only the Admins can see it. 

5. You can add a new shortcut in the Configure Menu items. Click Add New Shortcut

From there, you can choose what type of shortcut you would like to add.

6. Finally, there are system menu items that you can choose either to enable or disable. If you have turned off the Share option in the regular Administer menu, you will want to make sure that it is turned off here as well.

Search allows people to search for Attendees like Who’s Online, in addition to other pages. Translate is useful if you plan on having multiple languages represented in your venue. 

7. Any options that you turn on will appear under the More dropdown menu.

Still have questions? Visit the Engagez Support venue or email us at If you’ve purchased an implementation package, please contact your implementation representative through Skype or email.