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Module 5: Emails

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Updated: December 2, 2020

Module 5: Emails

Welcome to Module 5, one of the videos in our Engagez Fundamentals Series. In this video, our virtual assistant, Katie, will be walking us through a step-by-step tutorial on how to utilize the Emails section of the Engagez platform.

Note: This section of the platform is not meant to replace email marketing software. It is also not set up to conduct full-scale AB testing. Instead, this tool is used to welcome people to the venue, remind them that they registered for this event, and show them all the sessions that they are able to attend.

1. Open your venue. Under the Administer tab, click Emails.

2. To start, we will examine the default settings. These are preprogrammed settings that you can change and apply to all emails. Click the pencil icon next to the Default Settings option. 

3. If you want to use the venue name that is associated with the event, then keep the format listed in the first From: section. The is Engagez’s personal no-reply email, but you can choose to use your own no-reply email address should you have one.

4. Another section in Emails is the Automatic Emails section. This is one of the most widely used options in the Emails area. These emails are automatic, based on particular actions that either you or an attendee takes. In the case of Registration Confirmation, this email will be sent out upon an attendee registering for the event.

Warning: None of these Automatic Emails will send unless the button is switched to ON.

5. To edit the Registration Confirmation email, click the pencil icon. Here, we have the same From: box from the Default Settings. However, now we have the Email Text box, which is highly customizable. If you have HTML code that you are ready to put it, click View and then choose Source Code. You can also add images, change the font and colors, as well as include links such as one back to your venue.

The variables listed in grey below the Email Text box, which all feature a percentage sign, are an easy way to auto-populate certain categories such as the registrant’s information, the venue name, or the timing of the event. For example, you can use the variable called %venue_url to automatically include your venue’s URL. 

The %venue_add_to_calendar option allows users to add the venue to their personal calendars. This will give three links: one to Outlook, one to Google Calendar, and an Other Calendar option.

6. Another thing to consider in the Registration Confirmation email is the time zone. These start and end times will pull from the original times that you placed on your Essentials page. 

7. When you are ready to send this email, you can click Save & Preview. Here, you have the option to send it to any email and check to make sure that the links work. 

Note: You can use the Save & Preview function with any email that you will be sending out.

8. Venue Reminder Emails have automatic delivery times that you can adjust to your needs. Make sure to double-check your Time Zone before you complete this section.

9. The final section is the Email Templates section. This is where you will create the templates of the emails that will be used in the Attendees section of the Send Message area. Refer to Module 7b for this information.

Still have questions? Visit the Engagez Support venue or email us at If you’ve purchased an implementation package, please contact your implementation representative through Skype or email.