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Module 7b: Attendees

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Updated: December 5, 2020

Module 7b: Attendees

Welcome to Module 7b: Attendees, in our Engagez Fundamentals Series. In this article, our virtual assistant Katie will explain a few features of the Attendees page. Be sure to check out the first half of this module before continuing.

1. Open the venue. Then click the dropdown menu next to your profile. Next click Messages

This is where you can find all messages that were either sent through the Send Message area in Attendees or in the Compose Message Area, which is much like the Chat feature but it is built for the purpose of sending it to your email as well. 

2. The Send Message area in the Manage Attendees section is great if you don’t want to respond to a chat right away. This message will be sent to your email so you can remind yourself to respond at a later time.

3. Here you will see a To: text box, where you can separate by recipient group—such as Admins, Attendees who registered online, Attendees who went to a Session (and then choose that specific session), or Hall Item Staff. You can also separate by Access Group by choosing Select Attendees

4. You can use a template to draft the message, which can be created in Administer >  Emails. Under the Template dropdown, you can also choose to only send the message to the attendee within the platform. By checking the box, the user will not receive the message by email.

5. Once you choose a template, you cannot change the From or Subject lines, but you can change the body of the message. You can attach files, insert images, and preview before you send them.

Still have questions? Visit the Engagez Support venue or email us at If you’ve purchased an implementation package, please contact your implementation representative through Skype or email.