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Module 8: Sessions

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Updated: December 5, 2020

Module 8: Sessions

Welcome to Module 8: Sessions, one of the videos in our Engagez Fundamentals Series. Follow along with our virtual assistant, Katie, as she walks us through the Sessions tab under the Administer panel.

1. Open your venue. Under Administer, choose Sessions

2. All Sessions created in your venue will appear here. You can scroll through the various pages or you can sort them. To sort by date, click the dropdown menu labeled All Sessions. To sort by Speaker, click the dropdown menu labeled All Speakers.

3. To change any information in a pre-created session, click Edit Session. To copy a session and all of its information, click Copy.

4. To create a new session from scratch, click New Session

5. Under the Description tab, you can add a title, write a description, choose a thumbnail image, add your speakers and moderators, as well as include tags. You can also click View > Source Code if you would like to include HTML in the description.

Note: In order for speakers to be listed in a session, they must have a Speaker Badge which you can designate in Administer > Attendees. Moderators do not need this and anyone that is an Attendee can be a Moderator.

6. The Schedule tab allows you to schedule the Session. The session will default to the venue time zone. You can make the session recur if you plan to have the session repeat over the course of days or weeks. To do this, make sure to switch the Recurring button to ON.

7. In the Video tab, designate your session. If you click Livestream, you can stream any information live through Zoom or through another platform.

Simulive is an Engagez function which streams a pre-recorded video as if it is live. To do this, click Add Video and make sure this video exists in the Media Library.

Click Embed Code to embed a video.

Use a 3rd Party if you want to invoke Zoom Client or another meeting software.

Note: Using a 3rd Party option means you will be invoking the client. The session will occur in your software of choice, not the Engagez venue, or in a designated URL by using the Join URL button.

Tip: To livestream, find a tutorial here: Livestream on Engagez with Zoom

Once you’ve established your live options, you can add an On-demand option. Something doesn’t necessarily have to be live in order to be on-demand; the two are not mutually exclusive. Click Upload if you have pre-recorded material. If you are livestreaming, click Use Live Webcast Settings to pull from the video you uploaded in the Simulive field. 

Note: Livestreamed content does not automatically pull into your session like Simulive content. Once your content is recorded in a livestreamed video, you can download it and upload it to the media library or right-click on the recorded video and copy the URL. You can add the URL to the Embed Code space.

If you choose Interaction Panel Only, then the interaction panel that is usually next to or below the video will only appear. See the image below for an example.

8. Under the Interactions tab, you can edit the features available to users in the interaction panel during the session. You can relabel any of these features. If you want to add Resources, you can do so directly in the Resources tab in the interactional panel for that Session. There, you will click Add Resource or Manage Resources

If you want to add a form to your interaction panel, turn ON the Survey option. Then from the dropdown menu labeled Form, you will see all the forms that are currently listed in Administer > Forms.

9. In the Advanced tab, you can assign a Track to a Session. Tracks will differentiate calendar panels within the Sessions page in the menu bar.

In the image below, the entire grey panel is a calendar panel, showing us all the sessions associated with that track. You can add several calendar panels to this area and differentiate them by tracks. This will cause specific sessions that are associated with that track to only appear in that calendar panel. 

The image below shows you what a Sessions page that is using tracks can look like. To begin, you must go to the UI Design tab and click on the Session Panel. From there, choose to Filter Content By Track and then choose the track you would like. If you do not choose to filter the content, all sessions will appear in the calendar panel, regardless of their track. 

10. If you choose Access Group, then that session will only appear for users within that access group.

11. If you choose Promotional Hall Item, you can choose to link any of your booths listed in your Exhibit Hall and link them to this session. This means that a session does not necessarily have to occur just within the booth. In the About section of the interaction panel, you can call out this booth and link it so that Attendees can learn more. 

12. You can assign your own Session ID, but session IDs are automatically created on the back end. When finished, make sure to hit Create

13. Under Manage Sessions, there are a few other options to explore. For example, you can import your session. This Import page will show you exactly what you need to have in your spreadsheet in order to successfully upload these sessions. We also have sample spreadsheets for you to use in the Engagez Support venue under the Sample Upload Files Folder if you do not feel like creating one from scratch. 

Tip: If you understand each column requirements in the Session upload, you can export your current session list and add or change sessions there.

14.  A few other options here include Rooms and Tracks which you can use to create session categories and subcategories. You can also Manage your Livestream and Manage your Zoom Streams, which is for livestreaming and invoking the Zoom Client, respectively.

15. To manage who has access to session click Manage Access. This allows you to do this in bulk.

16. You can manage the tabs next to each session in bulk under Default Settings. Here, you add default closed captioning if you have loaded this in the Media Library. You can also add Moderators to all your sessions by typing their names and clicking Check to update all existing sessions with this setting when saved

17. Finally, you can delete all session by clicking Delete All. You can also manage One-on-One Meetings as well, which will be further covered in our Meetings module.

Still have questions? Visit the Engagez Support venue or email us at If you’ve purchased an implementation package, please contact your implementation representative through Skype or email.