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Add Exhibit Booth Categories

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Updated: November 16, 2020

Add Exhibitor Categories

1. On the Administer tab of your venue, visit your Partner Showcase. Halls can be renamed but will always be in this location.

2. Click Manage Categories.

3. Add category names, separating each category with a comma. Press Submit.

4. Click any Exhibitor Booth to edit it, and head to Administer > Essentials.

5. You should now see a new field on this page called Category with a drop-down menu of all categories you added. 

6. Click the category (or categories) into which this booth fits. Then click Save.

7. After assigning categories to the exhibits of your choice, return to your Exhibit Hall location (or its equivalent name).

8. Navigate to the UI Design tab and click the Exhibit Hall Panel > Edit Style.

Note: The name of this panel is customizable and therefore may be different than what is below. If unsure, look to UI Design for your hall’s name followed by “Panel.” The drop-down menu is available here as well.

9. Within Edit Style, scroll down to Category Filter and switch it ON.

10. From there you can choose to limit the categories and display only certain exhibits that match these categories. When you are finished deciding which categories to use, hit Save.

By turning these options on, attendees can choose to filter the exhibits by categories. You can also create multiple panels to display each category individually.

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