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Add or Edit an Exhibit

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Updated: November 2020

Add or Edit an Exhibit

Exhibit Booths are a great way to showcase your event’s partnerships. Follow along for a step-by-step walkthrough on how to edit an existing booth and add new panels to it.

1. Open your venue and navigate to the Exhibitor Booth you would like to edit. You can either locate the booth through the backend, by going to the Administer tab > Partner Showcase > “Booth Name.” Or you can navigate to the booth through the frontend of the platform by clicking the Partner Showcase tab in the menu bar at the top and then locating your booth from the Exhibit Hall.

2. Once the Exhibitor Booth that you will be editing is open, click the UI Design tab.

3. Click the panel you would like to edit. A light blue box will appear around its border and the name of the panel will appear in its upper left hand corner.

4. Either double click on the panel or choose the option “Edit Style” from the dropdown menu.

5. For this particular Logo and Description Panel, you can change the logo and the description for this booth. Once done, click Save.

6. Each of the panels within the booth can be edited to fit the brand of your booth and change the information shown to other users.

7. To add a new panel, while still using UI Design, click on the Exhibitor Booth’s location. Then click on the drop down menu and choose Add > then the new panel you would like to add.

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