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Booth Import

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Booth Import

Follow along this step by step guide to learn how to import booths in bulk.

1. Go to the Administer tab, and click on Partner Showcase.

Click on Partner Showcase

2. Next, look for the Manage Hall Menu.

Click on New Hall Item…

3. In order to import, you first have to fill out an import sheet. The easiest way to do this is to click on Export. This will download a CSV file with the current booth information, along with the correct columns used in an import sheet.

Click on Export

Note: Clear all the contents in the exported file except for the top row, then fill out the information.

4. Once you have filled out the information in the CSV file, click on Import

Click on Import

5. Next, click on Choose File and select the CSV file that you just created.

Click on Import File:…

6. Next, check First Line is Header. This is because the first row in the CSV file is the header of each column.

Check  First Line is Header

7. If you have already created a booth in the venue and would like to use it as a template, click on Use Template and choose from the drop down menu. If not, skip this step.

Click on Use Template:…

8. Next, click Upload.

Click on op

9. This will bring you to the Import Partner Showcase menu. This shows all of the booth items you are importing.

Click on Import Partner Showcase items…

10. Next, above each column there is a row titled Fields to Map. For each column, you need to choose the appropriate field to match the column below.

Click on Fields to Map

11. If there is no information in the column below, you can leave it as Do Not Import.

Click on <do not import> ” style=”width: 1000px;”></p>

<p>12. If there is information, choose the appropriate field from the list, as seen in the images below. </p>

<p><img decoding=

Click on Logo

13. Once you have chosen the fields for the columns, click Validate.

Click on op

14. Once the validation process is complete, if the menu is highlighted in blue, the import will be successful.

Click on Map the columns you'd like to import to the data fields of the hall item. Import will create a new hall item per each row of the import file and assign the mapped column values to its fields. If there is already a hall item with the imported ID or the imported title then…

15. Once the import is validated, click Import.

Click on op

16. If there are images or assets to be uploaded with the booth, they will show up in the Upload Files menu. Click Upload.

Click on dialog

Click on Upload

17. The assets should load, and if successful they will be highlighted in blue. Next, click Import.

Click on dialog

Click on Import

18. Finally, you will see the Import List menu, which will tell you the status of the booth import.

Click on Partner Showcase Items Import List…

Still have questions? Visit the Engagez Support venue or email us at If you’ve purchased an implementation package, please contact your implementation representative through Skype or email.