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Copy an Exhibit Booth

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Updated: January 20, 2021

Copy an exhibit booth to use pre-created content as a template for other booths in the same venue or other venues. 

Note: You may only copy booths from venues of which you are an Admin. To copy an existing venue, see Copy a Venue.

  1. Navigate to the Exhibit Hall which houses the booth you would like to copy. Press the paper icon to copy. This will only copy the media of the booth, not any booth staff—regardless of whether it is copied to the same or a different venue.

Tip: To make a booth template for future use, see Make a Booth Template.

2. Choose the venue to which you will copy the booth. If you are copying the booth to use in the same venue, press Start. If you’re using a different venue, the booth will appear as a draft in the first hall of that venue.

Note: A booth in a traditional (ad hoc) venue layout can be copied to a venue with a contemporary (columnar) layout and vice versa, but the booth will use the layout of the new venue. At this time, the two layouts cannot be mixed in a singular venue.

Tip: To transfer an exhibit booth to a different hall in the same venue, see Move an Exhibit Booth to a Different Hall.

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