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Edit Exhibit Booths and the Sponsorship Board

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Updated: November 25, 2020

Edit Hall Items and Sponsors

Your Partner Showcase/Exhibitor Hall is where you can display all the Exhibitor Booths that will be participating in your event. The Sponsor bar found at the bottom of the page is where you can list all your event sponsors. Follow along for a step-by-step walkthrough on how to edit your Partner Showcase Hall and how to edit your Sponsor bar.

1. Open your venue and click on the Exhibit Hall in the top menu bar to check the current layout of your hall. Hall names are customizable, so defaults may be listed as Exhibit Hall, Partner Showcase, or a similar name.

2. Under the Administer tab, click your Exhibit Hall or its equivalent name.

3. Once in Manage Halls, locate the Exhibit Booth that you would like to edit or change. Then click the pencil icon.

4. This will bring you to the Essentials page for that specific Exhibit Hall. Here, you can edit the name, logo, and description as well as add tags, categories, and a custom URL.

Additionally, you will want to decide if this booth is Open Door, meaning that anyone can enter it, or if it is Invitation Only. Then click Save. Most exhibit booths are Open Door

5. After you have finished editing the Exhibit Booths, you can choose to edit the Sponsorship and Social Media bar so only certain Exhibitors will appear. Click the UI Design tab on any page that has the bar at the bottom.

6. Click the Sponsorship Bar and choose Configure Sponsorship Board. 

7. Here, you can rename the Sponsorship Board, enlarge the exhibitors, delete them, and change the links. You can choose to link each Sponsor to their booth or to an external link, such as their website.

8. To add a new Sponsor, click Add New Sponsor

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