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How to Embed a Video

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How to Embed a Video

Follow along these step by step instructions to learn how to embed a video in the Engagez platform.

1. Click on UI Design, then find the Location drop down menu. In this case, it is the lobby.

1 Finding location in UI design

2. In the drop down menu click on Add, then under Element click on HTML.

2 Adding an HTML panel

3. The HTML Panel is where videos can be embedded. If you have an idea for a title, you can add one in the New Panel Title area at anytime.

3 HTML Panel and panel title

4. Once you have the source code that you want to embed, click on View in the panel, then click on Source Code in the drop down menu.

4 Finding 'view source code' in HTML panel

5. The Source Code panel is where you can add and edit any source code you want to add to Engagez.

5 Viewing source code in HTML Panel

6. Inside the Source Code panel you can adjust the size of the panel by changing the numerical values of the width and height. Once you have completed any changes to the source code, click Save.

6 Adjusting height and width in source code

7. The HTML Panel will now have a preview of the video that will be embedded in the location. Click Save.

7 HTML preview and save button

8. The video is now embedded. You can drag and drop the panel to adjust the position by using your mouse.

8 Finished embedded video

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