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Make a Booth Template

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Updated: January 20, 2021

To save you time and effort, any booth can be turned into a template for future use. After the first booth you create, you’ll no longer need to click “+ New Hall Item.” Instead, copy a booth and turn it into a template. 

1. Navigate to Administer > Exhibit Hall (or its custom name) and choose a published booth to make a template. Click the pencil icon. If your booth is already in draft form, skip to Step #3. (This will unpublish the booth. If you want to keep this booth and publish a copy, first copy the booth and then skip to Step #3.)

Tip: See Copy an Exhibit Booth to duplicate an existing booth.

2. Save your booth back as a draft by clicking Save back as Draft on the Essentials page.

3. When in Draft form, the booth will say DRAFT where it originally said PUBLISHED. You can now click the lock icon on the right. 

4. This will turn your booth into a template. It will now be unpublishable and will have to be unlocked if you want to publish it. (This prevents accidental publication of the template during the conference.)

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