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Tips and Tricks for Sponsors

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Follow along this step by step guide to learn some tips and tricks for being a sponsor staff.

Tips and Tricks

1. You should receive an email with a link to the venue as well as a password from the event organizer. The first page you will see on the platform will be the entrance page, where you will be prompted to sign in. Enter the email address and the password given to you.

Click on  Sign in with Linkedin…

2. If you forgot your password, don’t worry! Just click the Reset Password option below.

Click on Not registered? Register here!…

3. If you entered the venue early, you will remain on the Entrance Page, but can still access any booth you are listed as staff. In the top left corner, you will see a drop down option titled Venue.

Click on Venue

4. Click on the Venue drop down menu and select your booth. You will only see and have access to booths you are staff.

Click on Booth Large Blue…

5. If you enter after the venue has already opened, you will instead be brought to the main landing page of the venue. From here, you can navigate through the entire event.

Click on Agenda…

6. To get to your booth from anywhere in the venue, click on the Partner Showcase option (this may be named different in your venue).

Click on Partner Showcase

7. This will take you to the Partner Showcase hall, where all of the sponsor booths can be found. Click on your booth to enter.

Click on highlight

8. This is the Interaction Panel, where the attendee can find booth staff and engage in group chats. The first option you should look for as a sponsor is the Staff tab, where you can find all staff that are currently assigned to the booth.

Click on alertdialog

9. In the Staff tab, you can find information about the staff members of the booth. All of this information can be edited in the Edit Profile and Edit Account options of the profile menu.

Click on alertdialog

10. The next tab is the Group Chat, where attendees and staff can converse and share information.

Click on Group Chat

11. In the Group Chat, anyone in the booth can type and ask or answer questions, which can be moderated by the booth staff. Above the chat window, there is the Email and Clear All options. Email will send a transcript of all chats in the booth to your email. Clear All will delete all chats currently visible in the chat box.

Click on alertdialog

12. To talk in the chat, simply type in the area below the chat window. Once you have finished your thought, click on the arrow button to the right to send the message.

Type "Hello!"

13. The last tab in the Interaction Panel that you should keep in mind is the Visitor Log. This is only visible to staff members, and allows you to have a list of all attendees that have entered and exited the booth, along with a timestamp.

Click on Visitor Log (Staff Only)

Click on alertdialog

14. Next is the Resource Panel, where attendees can view and download resources.

Click on Engagez one on one virtual meetings…

15. The booth will also have an introductory video.

Click on Video Player

16. Next is the Information Panel, where the booth admin can set up different kinds of information sharing for the attendees, such as social media and inquiries.

Click on Submit an Inquiry…

17. If the Information Panel has a Submit and Inquiry option, this is where attendees can send messages or emails to booth staff. This is especially helpful in career fairs.

Click on Submit an Inquiry

18. Once you are in the venue, it is also a good idea to look through your profile and make any changes you wish. To do so, look to the top right corner of the webpage and click on the drop down arrow, right next to a silhouette or avatar.

Click on

19. Next, click on the Profile/Account option.

Click on Profile / Account

20. If you would like to add or edit the Greeting Message for your profile, click on the area that is highlighted in the image below.

Click on  ONLINE…

21. Next, click on the Edit Profile option.

Click on Edit Profile

22. Here, you can edit the profile picture and basic information for your profile, which will be shared with the rest of the platform.

Click on Edit Profile Photo

23. Next, click on the Edit Account option.

Click on Edit Account

24. Here, you can change passwords, as well as other settings such as social media sign in and volume settings.

Click on password field

25. Once you are done making any changes, don’t forget to click Submit!

Click on op

Still have questions? Visit the Engagez Support venue or email us at If you’ve purchased an implementation package, please contact your implementation representative through Skype or email.