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Allow Early Attendance by Access Group

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Last Updated: March 23, 2021

Allow Early Attendance by Access Group

This new feature allows you to give early access to a specified group of people so that they can view your venue before all the other attendees. This is a great feature for allowing Exhibitors to view and make changes to their booths before the event goes live. 

1. Before you can enable early access to the venue, you must create Access Groups. Under Administer, go to the Attendees tab. Then click, Manage Access Groups

2. Next go ahead and create as many Access Groups as you need for your venue. For example, if you are allowing Exhibitors early access, you can create an Access Group called Early Access or Event Sponsors, etc. If you are inputing multiple access groups at once, be sure to separate each one with a comma. Then click Add.

3. Once you’ve added the Access Group, you have a few options. You can auto-assign this Access Group to all attendees or specify an email domain (such as a company like to assign to this Access Group. You can also rename, delete, or clear the Access Group from all.

4. You can also assign this Access Group to a specific individual within the Attendee list. Under the column “Access Group,” it will automatically say NONE if no access group(s) have been applied. Click the dropdown arrow and then click on the access group(s) you would like to give that user.

Tip: You can also assign Access Groups by exporting your current Attendee list, adding the Access Group in the column on the spreadsheet labeled Access Group, and then importing the updated sheet back to Engagez.

5. Now, you can allow your Access Group early entrance. Go to Administer > Essentials. The scroll until you find the section called “Pre-Open.” 

Here, you can select which Access Groups can enter the venue anytime before the Venue Open Date

6. Remember to click Save

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