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Speaker Guide

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Updated: April 2, 2021


This guide will go over all the things you will need to know as a Speaker for your upcoming event through the Engagez platform. It is separated into multiple sections to go over general tips, how to livestream your session, how to prerecord your session, and more.

General Tips and Tricks:

1. For both livestreaming and recording your session, be sure to sit in an area with good lighting so that attendees will be able to see your face clearly.

2.  Choose a private and quiet space to conduct your session in. We suggest using headphones for speaking as the sound can be clearer and can help eliminate any background noise.

3. Choose a background, such as an office, that is not too busy so as not to distract viewers from your content. 

4. Avoid wearing the colors green or any patterns like stripes or chevron as they tend to distort the video. Solid neutrals work best as long as they don’t blend into the background.

5. Have a drink or water nearby in case your mouth gets dry.

6. Make sure to introduce yourself if someone like a Moderator is not introducing you.

7. Present your material in an engaged and exciting voice.

8. Speak a bit louder than you normally would (as if presenting to an in-person audience).

For Livestreamed Sessions:

1. Livestreaming refers to using a 3rd party platform like Zoom or WebEx to pipe your video directly into the platform. If you are livestreaming your session, only you and other speakers (and a moderator) will be in the 3rd party platform like Zoom. The attendees will be in the platform, so you will not be able to see or hear them.

2. Make sure you are hardwired to an  internet connection like an ethernet.

3. Do not watch the session in the Engagez platform while giving your talk. There is a 20-30 second delay between what you are saying and what is going on in the platform. If you have the Engagez platform open while giving your speech, you and the audience will receive a feedback.

4. If you need to have the platform open to be able to read the incoming Q&As, make sure to mute your venue browser before beginning.

5. Presentation mode does not work when sharing your screen on Zoom. Attendees will see any notes you have listed in the “Notes to Self” section.

For Pre-Recorded or Simulive Sessions:

1. Simulive sessions are pre-recorded content that is then presented “live” to attendees. This means that you will record your session ahead of time.

2. In the case of simulive sessions, you can be in the platform at the same time as your session so that you can respond to chats and Q&As. There is no need to mute the browser unless you do not want to hear the presentation.

3. You can record your presentation on any platform that you would like. Some people choose to use Zoom, StreamYard, or PowerPoint to record. Just make sure it is an mp4 so that it can be uploaded to Engagez.

4. We recommend recording a test first before conducting the actual recording in order to address any audio, visual, or connectivity problems.

5. Make sure your audio connection is strong.

6. Make sure your video is recording before beginning and remember to end the video when you have finished.

Adding in Your Profile Picture and Bio:

For most venues, each Session will list the Speaker and their bio below the description. As you can see in this sample venue, the Session lists out the Session name, a description of what to expect, and a section for the Speakers who will be presenting. 

Click on Michael Doyle…

If the event coordinator, did not request this information from you, you can easily add it on your own! You’ll start off by logging in to the platform. Then in the upper righthand corner, you’ll see an icon with a gray figure. click the dropdown menu.

Click on highlight

Then choose Profile/Account.

Click on Profile / Account

Next, click Edit Profile.

Click on Edit Profile

Here, you can add in your headshot. You can upload your photo from your desktop, from Google Drive, a DropBox, or a link.

Click on Edit Profile Photo

If you scroll down to the bottom of the Edit Profile page, you will find an area called Extended Professional Information. Here, you can add in your brief bio as well as any academic or or professional background information that you would like to add.

Click on Brief Bio:

Be sure to click Submit when you are finished!

Click on op

Still have questions? Visit the Engagez Support venue or email us at If you’ve purchased an implementation package, please contact your implementation representative through Skype or email.