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EZ Live Producer Guide

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What is EZ Live??

This might be a little geeky as we explore the Producer panel in Engagez EZ Live broadcast tool.

EZ Live is a webinar, briefing and session video broadcast tool with unparalleled interaction and branding capabilities. This next-generation collaboration and live stream webinar streaming solution heralds a new era for online engagement, giving web-based audiences more autonomy to engage in two-way and multi-channel video communication, peer-to-peer networking, and immersive experiences.

Although you can use EZ Live as a broadcast tool for a one-off webinar, its real superpower is when you are looking to maximize ALL your webinar programs and use EZ Live to host your whole series because you will be using one portal to manage all programs (copy as many webinars and change out content and attendees) and all analytics are captured and available for continuous analysis. You never lose access to your data or forget what tools you used for what webinars.

Some Definitions

Here are some terms you will run into and what they mean:
Onstage – onstage means that when the program is being broadcast anyone on stage will be seen
Offstage – off stage means that when the program is being broadcast anyone who is off stage will not be seen but will see and hear what is happening onstage
Green Room – green room is a space where speakers, producers and admins can talk and prep while viewing what is happening onstage if the program has started the broadcast
Producer – is a designation that allows a person to manage the broadcast behind the scenes (not onstage) with a dedicated Producer tab of tools and check out this guide for producers
Admin – has access to all functionality of the webinar or webinar series including set up, registration, email reminders, and all reporting
Moderator – a person who has been assigned a roll of interacting with the audience through text or video-based Q&A and commenting
Speaker – a person that will be presenting (slides and/or screen share or no slides) during the program
Sponsor – a person that is supporting their organization’s participation during the event (and may have additional staff supporting the event as well)
Broadcast Messages – are full functioning, HTML enabled messages that will pop up on attendees’ screens during the event. they can be promotional, instructional or anything else you might need to communicate to your attendees.

Getting Started

Once you have your EZ Live video broadcast tool, log in and you will see your Admin menu on the left (only admins see this). This is where you can set up your webinar/series.

Be sure to watch for browser messages like the one below (and remind attendees to also watch for them) so that attendees can participate with live audio and video for Q&A and discussions.

There are up to three left menu tabs to choose from when editing an EZ Live session: Producer, Admin, and UI Design.

As a Producer, your access to the Admin and UI Design tabs are dependent on your venue access per the venue admins. Each area will be covered in the subsequent sections. Familiarize yourself with the different options if using multiple tabs in a venue.

Understanding EZ Live Stage Areas:

There are five stage areas in EZ Live: Waiting Room, Breakout Rooms, Green Room, On Stage, and Off Stage. You can see the overall number of meeting participants in the top right corner of the Engagement Panel below.

Waiting Room: Can be turned on or off and if on, you will see people waiting to get in and you can let them in when you are ready.

Green Room: Can be turned on or off and if on, provides a private space with access for designated Speakers, Producers, and venue Admins to test meeting features and prepare before the On Stage broadcast.

On Stage: Main meeting area where the live broadcast takes place. Speakers should be moved On Stage when ready to present or can start On Stage if prepared beforehand.

Off Stage: Attendee area with available interactions in the Engagement Panel and the live broadcast if turned on. No meeting functions here.

Breakout Rooms: Separate meeting area where attendees can interact outside of the broadcast. See Breakout Rooms for more information.

Default Settings

At the venue level, in Manage > Sessions, venue administrators can edit Default Settings. If the venue admins/event organizers allow the Producer to edit as a venue admin, here are the areas you need to know about.

Default settings allow changes to be globally applied to all venue sessions or to be pre-configured for newly created sessions.

Live Video Player: select pre-configured access groups from Manage > Attendees to hide the live video player in a session but keep the Engagement Panel interactions available on the session page. These could be physical attendees to a hybrid event or moderators on stage with speakers.

Closed Caption: Show closed captioning by default with pre-configured captions for simulive or on-demand.

Moderators: Send email notifications to moderators registered email for each Q&A submission.

On-Demand Video Player: Show Gallery Icon, allowing jumping among play list videos when on-demand is selected.

Moderators: apply session moderators to every previous session or newly created sessions.

Check to update all existing sessions with this setting when saved: update all moderators and wipe existing moderators in all sessions.

Interactions Panel: see Edit Session > INTERACTIONS section for more information.

Check to update all existing sessions with this setting when saved: update all Interactions Panel options in all sessions.
Click Save at the bottom of the window to confirm changes.

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