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Livestream on Engagez with StreamYard

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Updated: June 18, 2021

StreamYard Tutorial

Before You Start:

1. Ensure you have a paid StreamYard plan (currently $20/mo.) to allow you to stream to a custom RTMP.

2. Create your sessions in Engagez and assign them to the Livestream option in Edit Session > Video.

Set Up Your Session

1. Navigate to the Sessions page in the Administer menu, then create a New Session or edit a current session.

2. Click the Video tab and ensure Live is turned ON. Then click Livestream.

Tip: A “stream” is how StreamYard knows where to send your live video. Use the Default stream if you only have one concurrent session playing continuously for three hours or fewer. If you are streaming for longer or have multiple concurrent sessions, head to Sessions > Manage Livestream to make a new stream.

Note: If you’ve already created a stream, you will see a dropdown menu with options to choose from your existing streams or create a new stream. Assign one here or in Sessions > Manage Livestream.

3. Finish creating all your sessions, repeating this process, or assign each session as Livestream in an import. Once finished, head to the main Sessions page and choose Manage Livestream

4. Confirm all sessions are on the correct streams at the bottom of this page.


Begin Your Livestream

1. Log on to and click Create a Broadcast.

2. Click the + icon and choose Custom RTMP from the bottom of the dropdown list.

3. The next page will ask you for two codes and a nickname for the stream. Find the codes on Engagez and name the stream something memorable so you can find it and use it again later!

4. Go back to Administer > Sessions on Engagez, and choose Manage Livestream at the top. This is where you’ll find the codes requested on StreamYard. 

5. Click Encoder Connection Settings and ensure Require Source Authentication remains unchecked

6. The “RTMP Server” corresponds to the “RTMP Server URL” on StreamYard. The “Stream Name” corresponds to the “Stream Key” on StreamYard. Input the values exactly as you see them listed in the yellow box. When finished, click  Add RTMP Server.

7. You will now enter the Studio. Configure your camera and microphone settings in this interim step or once you are in the Studio.

8. Add yourself to the stream by clicking Add to Stream on your image. Invite other colleagues using the link at the bottom. Use this time to test your audio and theirs before you go live. 

Tip: You can set up this stream far in advance of the session you’re running, even weeks ahead of time. When the day of the conference comes, all you need to do is get your speakers into the studio and go live. The studio should already be set up!

9. Use the other functions available in StreamYard, such as Banners and Brand! Configure these ahead of time and pre-load any content you want to share on-screen.

10. Use the Private chat button to talk to your fellow speakers and moderators.

11. When you’re ready, head back to Engagez and navigate to Manage Livestream. Ensure the correct session is listed in the dropdown menu, then click Start Livestream.

12. Wait for the blue box to disappear and a grey box to appear.

13. When the grey box pops up, you know it’s ready to receive the StreamYard broadcast! Head back to StreamYard and click Go Live in the upper right corner.

14. Check that everything looks good on your Engagez session by heading directly into the session. There should be between a 10 and 45-second delay.

15. When you’re ready to end the stream, click End broadcast in the top right corner.

16. Go back the Engagez and click Stop Livestream. A recording of your stream will automatically appear once processed! Download that video and edit it to your liking, then upload it back to the Media Library to put it in an On-Demand Session.

Still have questions? Visit the Engagez Support venue or email us at If you’ve purchased an implementation package, please contact your implementation representative through Skype or email.