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Livestream on Engagez with Webex

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Webex Livestream Tutorial

Before You Start:

Review the things you’ll need to get started:

1. Log in credentials on, with access to your company’s site and permission management.

2. Access to the Meetings Platform on Webex with included Livestream capabilities. This added feature may or may not be available with your current Enterprise package. Contact Cisco Webex for pricing.

3. One or more people on your team designated as Production Managers. People in this role will connect their Webex meetings to Engagez on the day of the event, and you will need at least one Production Manager for every concurrent session. (Ex. If you have up to three concurrent live sessions at one time, you will need at least three Production Managers during your event.)

Set Up Your Session

1. Navigate to the Sessions page in the Administer menu, then create a New Session or edit a current session.

2. Click the Video tab and ensure Live is turned ON. Then click Livestream.

Tip: A “stream” is how Webex knows where to send your live video. Use the Default stream if you only have one concurrent session playing continuously for three hours or fewer. If you are streaming for longer or have multiple concurrent sessions, head to Sessions > Manage Livestream to make a new stream.

Note: If you’ve already created a stream, you will see a dropdown menu with options to choose from your existing streams or create a new stream. Assign one here or in Sessions > Manage Livestream.

3. Finish creating all your sessions, repeating this process, or assign each session as Livestream in an import. Once finished, head to the main Sessions page and choose Manage Livestream

4. Confirm all sessions are on the correct streams at the bottom of this page.

Allow Livestreaming on Webex

Tip: Check out the Cisco Webex tutorials:

Enable Live Streaming in Webex Meetings and Events

Live Stream Your Webex Meetings or Events

1. Navigate to and click the Meeting tab at the bottom.

2. Choose the website on which your Production Managers have a Webex account. Then scroll to the bottom and click Configure Site.

3. Choose Site Options from the list.

4. Scroll halfway down the page to see Live Streaming Services. Check the box for “Other streaming services e.g. YouTube, Periscope, Workplace.” Click Update at the bottom right.

Allow Users to Livestream on Webex

1. Navigate to the Users page and choose one or more Production Managers from the list.

2. Choose Meeting from the list and pick the site on which you just enabled livestreaming. 

3. Choose “Advanced User Settings and Tracking Codes” and check the box labeled Enable Live Streaming.

4. Update this setting and alert your Production Managers of their new capabilities.

Livestream During Your Event

Unlike Zoom, the RTMP Server cannot be configured ahead of schedule, so Engagez recommends at least 15 minutes in between each session when the following session is on a new stream. This way you have ample time to prepare your speakers and bring your stream live.

1. Navigate to Sessions > Manage Livestream and choose your stream from the dropdown menu if you’ve already created one. If not, use the Default or add a new stream. Hit Save.

2. Open your meeting and bring in your speakers. Make sure their videos are off and all participants are muted. At this time, another Production Manager or Moderator should share a screen with the day’s agenda or “Session Starting Shortly” written on a slide.

3. As the host of the meeting, click the “More Options” button at the bottom and Start Live Stream

4. Choose your streaming layout at the bottom, and navigate back to Engagez to find the requested information at the top in Sessions > Manage Livestream.

5. Click Encoder Connection Settings and ensure Require Source Authentication is unchecked.

6. Enter the RTMP Server as the “Target stream link” and the Stream Name as the “Target stream key.”

7. On Engagez (not Webex), click Start Live Stream. Wait until the grey box appears, telling you Engagez is open to receiving the stream.

8. On Webex, click Start Streaming. In 10-20 seconds, you should see the shared screen playing into the livestream player. Mute the player to reduce feedback noise.

9. Finally, head into your session, also muting your video there. Watch during your speaker’s presentation and notify them of any Q&As from the audience!

Still have questions? Visit the Engagez Support venue or email us at If you’ve purchased an implementation package, please contact your implementation representative through Skype or email.