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Registration Form Conditional Logic Rules

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Registration Form Conditional Logic Rules

In our Registration Form, you can set up conditional logic rules to help tailor the fields of a form depending on the registrant’s answers. Follow along with this step-by-step guide to learn how to set up conditional logic rules.

  1. In the Admin tab, click on the Registration/Sign In button.

Click on Registration / Sign In

2. In Registration/Sign In, there is a section labeled Registration Form. Click on Edit.

Click on Edit

3. There are four tabs on the top of the registration form, click on Rules to set up the conditional logic

Tip: This should be done after you have finished setting up the fields for the registration form.

Click on Rules

4. Once you are in Rules, if you have not set up any rules for the venue yet, click on the button labeled Create Your First Rule.

Click on Create Your First Rule

5. The first step of setting up conditional logic establishing the ‘IF’ conditions. These are the fields and their answers which will cause other fields to either appear, remain hidden, or be set to a certain value.

Click on IF…

6. First, establish whether the ‘IF’ conditions are ‘AND’ or ‘OR‘. These settings are important if two or more fields are involved with a rule. ‘AND’ means that all fields listed in the ‘IF’ section must match in order for the ‘THEN‘ section to apply. ‘OR’ means that only one of the established fields must match.

Click on operation: AND

7. The first drop down menu in the ‘IF’ section is the field. This brings up all fields of the registration form that have already been set up.

Untitled step

8. Next, you have to set up the rule for the field. This can be any of those listed in the image below. It is important to note that only Bigger and Smaller must be numerical values, all others can include any character you want.

Untitled step

9. The final row is for setting up the value that the field is looking for.

Untitled step

10. Once you have set up the ‘IF‘ conditions, move on to ‘THEN‘ . These are the aspects of the registration form that can be shown, hidden, or set depending on the values and conditions of the ‘IF’ fields.

Click on THEN…

11. First, decide whether the field should Show, Hide or Set. Show fields will be hidden by default unless the conditions are met. Hide fields are shown unless the conditions are met. Set fields will automatically be filled with a preset value if the conditions are met.

12. Next, choose the field which you want to be hidden, shown, or set.

Untitled step

13. Finally, if you want to set a field to a certain value, you have to type in the value on the row to the right. This row will not be available unless the first row is Set. Once you have set up the conditions, remember to click Save.

Untitled step

14. In the ‘IF’ section, if you want to add another condition, click Add Condition.

Click on Add Condition

15. You can do the same in the ‘THEN’ section by clicking Add Action.

Click on Add Action

16. Lastly, you can add another set of rules, including a seperate ‘IF’ and ‘THEN’ section by clicking Add a Rule at the bottom.

Click on  Add a Rule

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