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Add Speaker Session Resources

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Updated: January 21, 2021

Add Speaker Session Resources

Follow along to add speaker resources to each session.

1. Click Sessions and choose the speaker session to which you will add resources.

Note: If you set the speaker session time during the time you make edits, you must click “Click to Attend” to navigate to the session page.

2. Click Edit Session in the top left-hand corner.

3. Click the Interactions tab.

4. Scroll down to Resources and turn the button ON.

Note: You can rename “Resources” to anything by typing in the label in the adjacent textbox. In the example above, “Slides” is the new label that will be shown on the page for attendees.

5. Scroll down and click Save to confirm changes.

6. Click on the new Resources tab on the session.

Warning: You must add resources for this tab to appear to attendees. Without any resources, there will be no changes.

7. Click Add Resource(s) and upload the file(s) to individually add a resource to the speaker session.

Caution: When you add resources using this method, the resources will save to the session, but will not be visible on the main Resources page at the venue level. Check out the article Add Resources to Venue for more information.

8. Confirm that the resource appears in the Interaction Panel.

Tip: If you want to rename a resource for attendees, rename the title when uploading in Step #6.

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