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Generate a Zoom Key

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Last Updated: December 2020

Create and Get Zoom Key

In this tutorial, you will learn how to generate a Zoom API Key which will integrate a zoom meeting into your venue.

1. Open and complete the JSON Web Tokens – Create a JWT App tutorial steps offered by the Zoom Marketplace.

Pictured: Create a JWT App Tutorial End Screen

Here’s the beginning of the Zoom article:

JSON Web Tokens are strings of text which are passed on every request to verify the authorization of the server. They contain a combination of secrets from the API and payload data in the form of a JSON object. 

Note: The tutorial is important through the Generate App Credentials section. Keep in mind, you are not creating an app other than for the generated keys.

2. Open your generated app’s App Credentials page as shown below.

3. Copy the API Key and API Secret codes to an easily accessible place such as Notepad (in Microsoft Windows) or Notes (in Mac).

Note: These keys connect to the Zoom account which you use to make the JWT App above. For example, if Bob is the administrator following these steps, these keys will connect back to Bob’s Zoom room. Generate unique keys for each unique Zoom room.

Note: Do not use the keys listed above as they are an example. Make sure you have your own keys copied.

4. On the left-hand menu click Features listed under Configure.

5. Check the box next to Zoom and then click the pencil icon. Paste the API Key and API Secret into the designated areas. Give the email associated with the account in the “Zoom User Email” section.

6. Your Zoom meeting room is now added as the default. In Sessions > Video > 3rd Party you can choose Zoom Meeting, and it will automatically use the Zoom room you designated above. You can also click Edit Zoom Settings to modify the API Key and API Secret for the session you’re editing.

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