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Group Meetings in Sessions

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Last Updated: March 23, 2021

Group Meetings in Sessions

Group Meetings are a great way to engage attendees and find a space to collaborate. With the Group Meetings tool on Engagez, you can now create a Session that will be held through the Group Meetings video tool. 

1. Start by going to Administer > Features.

2. Find the section called Miscellaneous. Then scroll until you see the option for Group Meetings. Click ON, then hit Save

3. The Group Meetings tool will now show up as an option in your Sessions page. To create a Session that will be held through a Group Meeting, go to Administer > Sessions > New Session or to edit a pre-existing session, click Edit Session.

4. Next, click Video. Under the Live section, you will now see the option to enable a Group Meeting. Click Group Meeting and then specify how many users can join the meeting.

Caution: There is a 50 attendee maximum for each Group Meeting held. Once the limit is met, no one else will be able to join. 

5. Now, your Group Meeting Session will appear in your Sessions Agenda.

Note: Make sure your timing for the meeting is correct. Once the session is over, the meeting will end and attendees will no longer be able to join.

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