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How to Add Closed Captioning to Videos

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How to Add Closed Captioning to Videos

Follow along the following step-by-step instructions to learn how to add closed captioning to videos within the Engagez platform.

  1. In the Administer tab, click on the Media Library.
1 Finding Media Library in Admin tab

2. In the Media Library, search in the Folders area for a video you wish to add closed captioning. When you have found the video, select it by clicking on it.

Note: When a video is selected, a blue circle with a number inside will appear on the video.

2 Selecting a video in the Media Library

3. Once the video is selected, go to the right side of the Media Library and scroll down to find the Closed Caption options. Here, you can click Generate to have the platform create closed caption for the video by choosing from the language options below. If you have your own VTT file with closed captioning, you can use the Upload button to add it to the video you have selected.

3 Generating CC for video in Media Library

4. Once a language is chosen, you can check the status of the closed caption below. ‘In Progress‘ indicates the platform still needs time. Click the Refresh button to check on the updated status of the closed captions.

4 CC generation status

5. Once the generation of closed captioning is completed there will be a link to the video that has closed captioning.

5 Link to CC for video in Media Library

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