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Exhibitor Staff Not Showing Up

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If you’ve created an Interaction Panel in your booth but you don’t see the staff, follow below for some helpful tips.

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  1. Check that you have your exhibitors loaded into the Administer > Attendees tab of the exhibitor booth. Even if they are loaded in the Attendees tab of the main venue, they will need to be added and labeled as Staff in the Attendees page at the Exhibitor Level.

Click on No

Make sure that all staff are marked Yes under Staff, otherwise they will not appear in the panel.

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2. Navigate to UI Design > Interaction Panel > Edit Style to ensure Staff is checked.

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3. Make sure the Display matches those whom you want to display as Staff members. If you have clicked Selected List, ensure all this list is exhaustive of all Staff you want to appear in the booth.

Click on All from Display:

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