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Fix an Unwanted Page Scroll

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Updated: March 22, 2021

Fix an Unwanted Page Scroll

For traditional-style venues, having an unwanted page scroll can affect the layout of your venue. Follow along for a step-by-step walkthrough on how to fix the page scrolling issue.

1. Here is an example of a traditional venue with an unwanted page scroll. With a traditional venue layout, you want your panels to “stick” to where you place them so that they do not shift while your background remains static.

As you can see in the picture above, there is a scroll bar on the far right of the screen. This happens when you have panels placed outside of the blue location box, causing people to need to scroll to see all content. This feature is ideal for a contemporary-style venue as it resembles a typical webpage, which allows for scrolling through a page.

In order to view all content in this location, the panels must scroll, causing the panels to now shift out of sync with their background.

2. To fix this issue, you’ll need to understand the dimensions of a location. While we recommend that backgrounds be 2000×1000 pixels, the actual content that you would like attendees to see must fit within the 1200×650 pixel window. This window is clearly defined by the blue outline around any location. 

Note: The working height may vary slightly based on the height of images on the Sponsorship and Social Media banner.

Caution: If you add a Footer underneath the Sponsorship and Social Media banner, your working height will lower beyond 650px. 

3. Click UI Design to view this blue outline. You’ll see the blue outline is labeled by the location name in the top left corner and surrounds the entire location. If you try to move panels outside of the blue outline, they will disappear from view. This is the 1200×650 pixel limit. 

4. In order to resolve this unwanted page scroll, you will need to keep all content within this frame. In this example, you will need to resize the text box that says “Click Here to Visit our Website” as it is placed outside of the blue outline.

To do so, click the text box from the dropdown menu and choose Edit Style

5. Because this is a text panel, in order to change its size I will need to adjust the width of the panel as well as the font size

You’ll need to play around with the size until you find one that works for you. Once you’ve adjusted it accordingly, drag the panel back within the blue outline. 

6. Now you’ll see the adjusted panel fits within the blue frame and the scroll bar disappears.

Still have questions? Visit the Engagez Support venue or email us at If you’ve purchased an implementation package, please contact your implementation representative through Skype or email.