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Custom Landing Page

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Custom Landing Page

When creating a new venue and registration for an event, you can set up a fully customizable landing page with the registration form embedded. Follow along this step-by-step guide and learn how to create your own custom landing page.

1. Click on Locations/Pop-ups in the Administer tab.

Click on Locations / Pop-ups

2. Next, click on Add New Location

Click on Add New Location

3. Click on Save.

Click on op

4. After you have clicked Save, wait for the browser to refresh, then click on the pencil icon next to the new location you just created.

Click on image

5. Once you click on the pencil icon, make sure the box marked Make location accessible from Entrance is checked.

Check  Make location accessible from Entrance

6. Make sure to click Save again.

Click on op

7. Next, click on the Permalink button to copy the link, then in a new tab in your browser you can paste the link to enter the new location.

Click on  Permalink

8. In the new location, click on the UI Design tab.

Click on UI Design

9. Next, click on the Location menu in the UI Design tab.

Click on Location 2 Location

10. In the drop down menu, click on Edit Style.

Click on Edit Style

11. In the Edit Style menu, you can change the background image, color or video for the location.

Click on Background:  Image  Color  Video

12. To choose an image or video from the Media Library, click on the Select button.

Click on Select

13. Next, in order to set up a registration panel for attendees, click on Location>Add>Register.

Click on Register

14. Finally, you can edit the Register Panel in the menu.

Click on Title:	…

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