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Scalable Format

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Scalable Format for Open Layout Mode

Follow along these step-by-step instructions to learn how to set up the scalable format.

  1. Go into the UI Design tab and click on Venue>Layout.
1. Layout option in Venue drop down

2. In the Layout Menu, under Options, choose Scalable.

2. Layout Menu Scalable option

3. Next to Scalable is the Layout Rectangle. This is where you are able to customize the amount of space on a screen in which the panels can be viewed and placed. In previous formats, the viewable space was limited to 1200 x 630 pixels, whereas now you can enter your own custom area. We recommend having the width and height at 2000 x 1500. In addition to having the ability to customize the viewable area, all panels in the area will maintain their relative positioning across all devices. Once you are done, click Submit.

Note: The Layout Rectangle size should be kept at a 2×1 or 16×9 aspect ratio.

4. Scalable format has now been set up. Panels and other elements of the platform can now be placed anywhere on the screen if set up correctly and will scale to the attendees device.

Warning: If the venue was previously set up as another layout format, switching to scalable will effect the placement of panels. You will need to correct any changes caused by the switch.

5. Engagez multi device mock up

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