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Livestreaming using RTMP

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Livestreaming using RTMP

Various livestreaming services offer the use of an RTMP endpoint, follow along this guide to learn how to properly set up an RTMP stream on Engagez.

Setting Up the Stream

1. Click on Sessions in the Administer tab.

Click on Sessions

2. Click on Manage Livestream.

Click on Manage Livestream

3. The Manage Livestream menu is where you set up the stream.

Click on Manage Livestream…

4. Click on New US to set up a new stream.

Note: only choose New US if you are streaming in the United States. If you are located elsewhere, choose either New Europe or New India, whichever is closer.

Click on New US

5. Next, type in a name for the stream. This name is only shown on the backend, your attendees will not see this name.

Click on Stream: *

6. Next, you can choose if you want to use the Low Latency setting. Please review our Low Latency Article for more information.

Check  Low Latency

7. Then, click Create. If you go back to the Manage Livestream menu, you can find the stream information by searching the dropdown menu.

Once you have found the stream, you can get the RTMP Encoder Connection Settings by clicking the Encoder Connection Settings button.

Click on Encoder Connection Settings

Then, you can view the RTMP Connection information you need to stream from a third party provider.

Click on RTMP Server:rtmp://…

How to Start the Stream

Once you are ready to begin the stream, click Start Live Stream in the Manage Livestream menu.

Note: This may take a few minutes, so we suggest starting the stream early.

Click on  Start Live Stream

Then, click Continue.

Click on Continue

Once the stream is open, you will see a box labeled Live Stream which will show the current broadcast.

Click on Live Stream:…

Once you are ready to end the livestream, click Stop Live Stream.

Click on  Stop Live Stream

Then, click Continue.

Click on Continue

Still have questions? Visit the Engagez Support venue or email us at If you’ve purchased an implementation package, please contact your implementation representative through Skype or email.